Lures Way in English

It’s been 5 months since we launched our blog and we are easily gaining momentum. Every day we have more and more readers all over the world. Having in mind that Montenegrin language is specific and some words could be difficult to understand even for other Ex-Yugoslavian nations, we decided to translate in English some of the already published and every future post.

Small part of the Montenegrin coast
In pages and lines of the blog we are going to share our experiences and opinions about all important aspects and elements of successful fishing with different type of lures: tackle, techniques, weather conditions, ecology…You can read how to choose right lure, adequate rod and reel. We will open and disassemble as many fishing reels as we can so we could suggest the best quality for the price.

We will also report from our fishing and publish interesting photos so we can give you substitute of the excitement that reel drag sound brings, until your next fishing.

Hope you'll enjoy reading our posts. Tight lines!

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