Rearming the lures

Only saltwater fishermen know how salt can have devastating effect on the tackle. Showering with fresh water after every fishing trip is a must if we want our reels and rods to last longer. It doesn’t work so good with hooks – they can last a bit longer but the possibility to lose the “fish of a lifetime” rapidly rises with every next fishing trip.

Usually, small markets imply poor supply – that’s how it goes in Montenegro. We are lucky to have friends abroad and they have a good will to send us a tackle of good quality, as well as a tackle which quality we would like to test. Few days ago we have received a package with singles and trebles inside. On the next photo you can see Decoy Pluggin Single 27, Decoy Y-F33R Drillinge and VMC Cone Cut 8573 RD Barbarian. 

Megabass Vision 110 SW armed with new trebles

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